Case Studies



Before the survivors of Flight 815 wound up on a tropical island fighting men without shoes, polar bears and clouds of black smoke, their lives were somehow intertwined. ABC looked to Ultra 16 to show the world how deeply the characters are all connected. "Connections" is not about the destination. It is about the journey.


ABC asked Ultra 16 to develop a Flash microsite that explores the essence of Lost's narrative structure and character development in a unique way. The focus should be on links between characters, the personality traits that define characters and what makes each character unique. The microsite should provide a user experience that translates the complex thematic and character driven interconnections inherent to Lost into a compelling online destination.


Ultra 16 sifted through mounds of information and media searching for links between Lost's characters throughout multiple seasons. Using Flash technology we then created an experience that links characters, their stories, and clips of their connections together via a relationship matrix. We shunned the norms of standard website navigation and opted for an object-oriented style interface.

The result was "Connections" - a microsite composed of multiple images, objects, text, channeled sounds and video content that build and layer according to where the user chooses to click. Each page or interaction communicates the essence of a relationship or a character rather than a literal representation, allowing for a more surreal and engaging discussion-worthy experience. Additionally, the experience is deepened through links to full episodes on which feature the selected characters' connections to one another.