Case Studies



MyNetworkTV is set to be the next step in the evolution of News Corp's broadcast entertainment. News Corp tapped Ultra 16 to architect and design a MyNetworkTV website that combines network programming, original online content, social networking and product placement in ways never before seen on television.


FOX (News Corp) engaged Ultra 16 to develop a website in conjunction with the launch of MyNetworkTV. Additionally, FOX requested a prototype demo of the site for presentation at the broadcast industry Upfronts. Ultra 16 was tasked with ensuring that the MyNetworkTV website - the backbone of its business model - met business requirements and delivered an exciting and unique user experience. The to-do list included designing the network's online identity, UX/IA, streaming video and social networking tools and e-commerce.


Ultra 16 conducted a focused round of discovery to ascertain what community-centric and cutting-edge technology features would be appropriate. This involved a complete audit of all best-of-breed Web 2.0 sites, paying close attention to UI, video integration, user generated content and social networking. We then executed a high-speed design round, finalize potential community features and finally, creating a site demo using After Effects. In addition, Ultra 16 created a strategic brief outlining recommended functionality for community, video usage and product placement functionality of the site.

The result was a digital brand experience that combines social networking, e-commerce and original entertainment. Users can view friends' schedules, invite them to interactive "viewing parties", chat online about what they are seeing, buy what their favorite characters are wearing, meet other users with the same interests and much, much more. Ultra 16 created a revolutionary product in that advances years ahead toward fulfilling the promise and potential of online entertainment.